Vote Marin MMA for Best Martial Arts School in Marin

It’s time for Pacific Sun’s Annual “Best of Marin” Reader Poll and we need your help to show everyone that Marin MMA is the Best Martial Arts School in Marin!  Whether you love our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, or kid’s martial arts classes, you can get the word out to other people just like you.  All you need to do is cast your vote for Marin MMA for “Best Martial Arts School in Marin”.  With your help, the world will know why our martial arts school and you, our students, are the best.

Vote Marin MMA for Best Martial Arts School in Marin!


Just click the image above or go to to vote.  From there, it should only take a few minutes to vote for your favorite place to get your martial arts training.

Instructions for voting:

1.  Click “Login to Vote”
2.  Click on the bottom left of the new bubble where it says “Not registered?”
3.  Create your username and password
4.  Check the email you used for the Best of Marin confirmation email.  The sender will be “” and will give you your username and password.  Just click the link and copy and paste your username and password.  Click “login”
5.  Now that you are logged in, you can reload and select the “Health and Fitness” category.  From there you will see “Marin MMA” under the “Best Martial Arts School” section.  To place your vote, you will need to vote for all of the sections within the “Health and Fitness” category.

Voting ends February 15, so be sure to cast your vote before time is up!

And that’s it!  Please send this post to your friends and family to help Marin MMA win Best Martial Arts School in Marin.  Thank you so much for supporting us in this year’s Best of Marin poll.  See you on the mat!


MarinMMA Staff