Parents Night Out

Our Parents Night Out is the perfect combination of martial arts, action, adventure, games and movies. Students will receive instruction, play ninja themed games, and watch a ninja movie — all in one night!.  We offer children the opportunity to have fun and enjoy the school without the usual structure of class.  We still enforce proper conduct and safety but the focus is on fun!

Parties are a perfect way to introduce the art of Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing to non-MarinMMA children who are shy about trying martial arts. They are also good for students to bond with their teammates. Call MarinMMA for more details.  Most importantly we will watch your kids while you enjoy a much needed night out!

Kids 5-13 are welcome! We need a Minimum of 10 students, so we allow siblings and friends of students to attend as well.

We will announce at least one week before it is coming up. Ninja Nights are on Friday nights from 5pm-8pm or 6pm-9pm. Ninja Nights usually cost $40.