Parent Guidelines

Please read the following parent guidelines and respect the rules of MarinMMA. Rules are in place to provide a safe and fun environment for everyone. Thank you for your cooperation and help in making MarinMMA a place we can all be proud of. If you have any feedback or suggestions please let me know.

  1. Please drop off your child for class and return at the end of class to pick them up. We would prefer this so that the children are less distracted and so that the school can have a quieter atmosphere.
  2. If you decide to stay speak quietly during class. This is a classroom atmosphere. Please treat it like you would like your child’s school. It is difficult for me to keep the children’s attention. They are easily distracted so please keep your voice down. If not you will be asked to step outside until the class is over.
  3. Keep your children and their friends quiet during class times. Non-member students are not permitted to use the bags or step on the mat. They do not know the school rules and it is up to the parents to teach them about MarinMMA conduct. They are not allowed to climb on the furniture or gym equipment.
  4. No parent or child is permitted behind the front desk unless they get permission from MarinMMA staff.
  5. No child and especially no parent may sit on the front desk counter. The counter is not designed to hold the weight of a person.
  6. Children should undress in the changing room or bathroom and keep their clothes and shoes on a rack in the changing room during class time.
  7. Parents should clean up any food that your child consumes in the school.
  8. Parents are responsible for signing in your child for class. If you wish to let your child sign in, please make sure they do not mess up the order of the check-in cards.
  9. Do not let your child bang on the window or glass door. Do not let your child play with the lock on the door.
  10. Never walk on the mat with your shoes.
  11. Never try to talk with your child or coach them during class.
  12. Never walk on the mat or interrupt class unless it is an emergency.

Thank you for understanding MarinMMA’s parent guidelines. With your help, the school will run smoothly.