Bully-Proofing Presentations

Marin Mixed Martial Arts (MarinMMA) is dedicated to bully-proofing our kids in the classrooms. Bully-Proofing Presentations are so important that the whole community should know this valuable information.

We currently give free presentations to classrooms, assemblies, camps, and children organizations. Please contact our school if you would like more information about our bully-proofing presentations.

Through free classroom presentations and school assemblies, we have taught kids school safety with bullies and strangers. We go over the definition of a “bully” and 5 easy steps to take when approached by one. Being safe at school extends beyond bullies though. We also go over why it is not okay to jump into stranger’s cars. We teach the children to have a secret password that only the child and the person that is picking them up knows.

We will not be advertising our martial art school unless a child has a question about it. We will also not be teaching any martial arts. Martial arts should be done in martial art schools under the supervision of a martial art teacher. We will be teaching the kids the attention stance and the traditional bow.

If you think that at least one of your students could benefit from our bully-prevention presentation, please contact us and we can set up a time for us to come to your facility.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!