Kids BJJ Competition

MarinMMA offers our young students the opportunity to compete in Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu because competition is a fun rewarding experience. Competing is not mandatory and is not a requirement to be promoted in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu belt system.  Kids BJJ Competition helps  mold student’s into champions.

In order for our young students to compete, we require that they have 1 stripe on their white belt and have a MarinMMA patch on their gi. Our Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu members prepare for their competitions in their classes Monday through Thursday at 4pm.

Competing is great for kids for many reasons:

  • Competing is fun
  • Competing let’s students take their training to the next level
  • The competition is an extension of what the student learns on the mat
  • It is safe and controlled (The referees are extra careful with the kids divisions)
  • The kids can see how they match up against someone they do not know who is their age and size
  • The kids can see the level they have to be for their next belt by watching the higher belts compete
  • The kids connect with the large BJJ Bay Area community and make new friends

Each and every instructor utilizes the “MarinMMA Method”- a proven system of training which has been perfected through several lifetimes of training and winning.

What to expect from our competition program…

  • Our structured approach to training has been perfected with over 20 years of experience
  • The MarinMMA Fight Team competes in over 8 tournaments each year
  • Students are exposed to a variety of competition environments
  • Our students learn to compete each day
  • Our staff consists of competition proven instructors, not just teachers
  • Our instructors meet daily to discuss student progress and improvements to the program
  • MarinMMA conditioning coaches provide unparalleled training to all student